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This betting software is custom made to cater american markets.

CaffUS is an open souce american version of betting/sportsbook software. The software include prematch betting, inplay/live betting and casino games.

This website is specially suitable for USA markets because most american markets follow a bit different format than the Europeans. So this is the right one.

If you are looking for low cost sportsbook/betting software then look no further. is the only portal where you will get every solutions on sports and betting products at minimum cost. Our full source code package cost only $999

CaffUS is quite unique in design and highly customize able to every aspects. We are always available to give you a support, and probabily it’s the best thing you will ever want while dealing with someone’s else software. We, here at strongly believes that support after sales is more important than pre-sales support.

Additional Information


Customized for American Markets
Over 40,000 events every month
Over 200 markets on each events
100% Open source. No encryption
Inplay/Live betting with API level validation
Prematch betting & casino games
No commission sharing
Free sports data on prematch (t&c)
Events results and live scores avilable
Compatible on both mobile and desktop
Agent system integrated
Real time site statistics
Live chat with the players
Extremely easy customization
Risk Management
Manual payment system provided for those where betting is illegal
Extremely easy to operate
Easy documentation Provided
Free installation
Amazing support through skype
Reliable business solution for starts-up.

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